vectra 3dOur March special is Vectra 3D for dogs – buy 6 doses and get 3 free! Not only will you save money…you’ll be stocked up for the the rest of 2013!
We recommend Vectra 3D because it works against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies, mites, and lice – killing *and* repelling them! If you’re using Frontline Plus or Advantix, now’s a good time to make the switch.
We list our reasons for switching to Vectra here, but to highlight, Vectra is better because it controls fleas at all stages of their development – from eggs to adult! It also repels; when a parasite lands on your dog, it gets what we can best describe as “hot feet”, and jumps off.
You use Vectra 3D just like Frontline – applying it to the back of your dog’s neck. Vectra 3D costs the same as or a bit less than Frontline.
And remember, this month when you buy six you get three free – a huge savings for you!
So March right in, get your Vectra 3D, and be ready to roar into Spring, Summer, AND Fall free of those pesky parasites.