You may have seen the lighted sign in our office, letting you know that a family is giving a final farewell to a beloved pet. At Town N County, we want to be there for you at every stage of your pet’s life, from the cute and decidedly frisky kitten to the grey muzzled, waddling senior dog. As pets age, we usually hear questions from owners about end of life. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective with a beloved pet who is suffering or has chronic pain.

If you’re facing a difficult decision, here’s one of the things that we suggest. Pick a quiet time, and make a list of all the things your pet loves. It could be a game of Frisbee, going upstairs to find a favorite sunny spot, jumping up on the couch to cuddle, or chasing the cat. Think of the last time your pet did those special things. If it’s been a month or more, and your pet has a chronic diagnosis that is not likely to improve, it may be time to talk to us.

For those facing a long road to recovery, we are still here to talk to you.   It is hard to be objective when you are the owner, primary caregiver, best friend, adoptive parent, and friend. You may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused. We can be your sounding board to talk out how things are going and help you know what to expect, and what may or not be normal. Most of all, we want you to know that you’re not alone.   

When it’s time to say goodbye, we offer a couple of different services, always making sure to keep your pet as painless and stress free as possible. We allow you to choose to be with your pet or not, and then we give you options for final arrangements.

And – we support you. You’ve told us over and over how comforting it feels to have “someone we know and trust” be with their pet during the last moments.

Again, for every stage of your pet’s life, we want to be there for your pet – and for you. Call us if you need to talk.