When your pet is in pain, you only want her to feel better. Most animals are instinctively adept at hiding their pain, but thankfully, at Town ‘N’ Country Animal Hospital, we are trained to diagnose the causes of pain and provide the most advanced pain management methods available.
For example, as a member of the International Veterinary Association of Pain Management, our own Dr. Joy Bolynn has had extensive training on the subject and daily stays in contact with other leaders in this field. Below are some of her thoughts on advanced pain management.
Who needs it? Advanced Pain Control is employed for animals with conditions ranging from routine spays and neuters to chronic hip dysplasia. Each pain management protocol is specifically tailored to the individual patient and procedure or trauma.
What kind of side effects are expected? By prescribing a variety of medicines that work synergistically to address multiple symptoms, vets avoid the side effects associated with single medications. Carefully monitoring of patients’ vital signs also helps ensure smoother recoveries, excellent blood pressure control and less post-operative complications.
What is integrative medicine? This is an alternative pain solution available that combines western and traditional Chinese medicine. Many patients have experienced vastly measurable pain relief with acupuncture. Charlie, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with severe progressive hind end weakness and had lost control of his hind limbs. His owner was even considering euthanasia, but after his first acupuncture treatment, he was walking again. Charlie’s been doing well for the past two months.
Every day, advanced pain remediation makes a huge difference in the quality of life for a pet. With the right medicine, Susie, a Cocker Spaniel with a severe ear infection finally found relief and could sleep through the night. KC, a Persian cat diagnosed with cystitis was okay to use the litter box again (instead of the bathroom rug.) Toby, a Doberman with arthritis started to look forward to his evening walks again.
What about your pet? If you have any questions about possible pain, please don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment. We’ll help you find the very best solution to keep your pet healthy, happy, and pain free.
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