DaycareOur Daycare is the place to be. Due to the increasing popularity of our daycare program we will be requiring that all pets have a scheduled reservation in advance to attend daycare. This will help us to ensure we have adequate staffing, so your fur babies can get the individualized love and care they deserve. Please call us at least the day prior to ensure there is an available spot for your pet.


As always, any dogs participating in daycare are required to be up to date on rabies, distemper, bordetella and a fecal check. If your pet is exhibiting any sign of illness please make staff aware and do not bring them in for daycare.

In addition, we will also be reassessing all pets coming in for daycare to ensure it is a good fit for them. We are first and foremost a Fear Free Practice. If pets are showing high levels of FAS (fear, anxiety and stress) or aggression towards their fellow animals while here, it may be decided that daycare is not the best option for them and we will make you aware of that decision. We will also be offering a pay in advance option, to pay for 10 days and get a day free. Payment for daycare is still made at the end of the day. We will also be offering a pay in advance option, to pay for ten days and get a day free!

We look forward to adding new activities and enrichment for our daycare dogs in the new year! As always we thank you for entrusting your pets care with us.