labradoodleMove over Mark Jacobs and Vera Wang; the designer dogs are taking center stage. If you’re wondering exactly what a designer dog is, it’s a cross between two purebred dogs, like a golden retriever and a standard poodle. The resulting designer dog mentioned would be called a goldendoodle.
A true breed of purebred parents brings about offspring that exhibits expected physical characteristics and behavioral traits. Designer dogs get the best of two pure breeds, although their characteristics and traits aren’t quite as consistent as a pure breed would be.
For instance, a Labrodoodle – a cross between a Labrador retriever and a standard poodle – might have a coat more like a retriever. And then again, it might have a coat that’s more like a standard poodle.
An experienced breeder can often accurately predict, but nothing can be guaranteed. Certain behavioral tendencies may not be evident until the dog is well past the puppy stage and usual time of adoption.
What designer dogs, purebreds and mutts have in common is that the person who adopts them should be making a lifelong commitment. You might buy a designer bag on a whim, but adopting a pet should take more forethought.
Do your research and think about what kind of dog fits into your daily life. A little homework now can help you find your new best friend.
Photo Credit: vidalia_11 via Compfight cc