evil betty bookEvil Betty Demon Black Pug from Hell is a famous (or infamous!) Pug who lives with Claire King right here in Burlington, NC. She’s an internet sensation, a budding stage actor, and now – she’s written a book!

Born three years ago in Sparta, North Carolina, Evil Betty’s debut into society stemmed from Claire’s frustration on how her new puppy chewed up absolutely everything. Claire started a Facebook page to share (or vent!) about all the things that had been destroyed by the tiny little package of loveable cuteness.

Last fall, Evil Betty was the star (ask her, she’ll tell you) of Urinetown, the Musical. Several of her cast members began discussing Evil Betty’s ego, and how much bigger it had become since her stage debut. The more they talked, the more they realized that Betty’s voice needed to be heard by the masses.

Thus, it began. Evil Betty agreed to write the book, and share all about her world that we live in. Scott Nicholson agreed to illustrate. And in March, 2016 “The World According to Evil Betty – Volume 1” was published.

Once you see the world through Evil Betty’s eyes, you’ll never be the same. Because, despite her name, the Demon Black Pug from Hell isn’t evil at all. She’s a wonderful personality that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

You can purchase your copy of Evil Betty’s book on Amazon.com, or you can get an autographed copy on Etsy. And while you’re waiting for your book to arrive, you can follow Evil Betty on her Facebook page. Evil Betty has several publicity and charity events lined up, including a book signing at Town N Country.

Speaking of Town N Country, we’re pleased that we’re a part Evil Betty’s world. We’ll keep you posted about when you can meet our wonderful friend. We know that you’ll fall in love with her like we have done!