Don’t you just love going to the doctor? Your pets don’t either. All of the discomforts and fears that you have about visiting your doc are multiplied in your dogs and cats, because they can’t talk and don’t understand what is going on. On top of that, most veterinarian offices are designed with your comfort in mind.

We’re changing that at Town N Country. We’re in the process of creating a ‘Fear Free’ environment for your pets. We’ll be talking about that more in the coming weeks, but if you’ve been in lately, you’ve already seen the new textured floors. They’re designed to reduce slipping, which disorients pets, especially as they age. They’re also comfortably warmer on paws.

Another change already happening is paint, and quite honestly, that’s not exactly a comfortable process for anyone. But all you humans have been amazing handling all of our make-shift exam rooms and new workflow while we accomplish this goal.

So – thank you for your patience, and please reassure our furry patients that great things await. We’re really excited about the new environment, and we know that you – and most of all – your pets, will be too!

fear free floor