cat eatingCats in the wild don’t come running at the rattle of a food bag or the sound of a can opener. Their love of meat keeps them prowling their territory – an area that may stretch to the equivalent of 20 city blocks — in search of prey.

One of the best ways to meet your cat’s instinctive desire for meat is with Instinct®’s Raw. Each patty, medallion or chub is flash frozen to ensure optimum taste and nutritional quality.

For many pets, a raw diet markedly improves overall health and immune systems. Benefits include a lush, glossy coat, healthy skin, lean muscle tone, strong bones and teeth and increased energy and vitality.

If you’d like to read what pet owners who switched and fed their pets Instinct® have to say, click here.

If you’re not familiar with a raw diet and wonder how exactly to start, we’d love to help. You may want to start small and see how your pet responds. Town N Country recommends and stocks a great variety of Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets that are available at our freezer section. “Raw” doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Talk to us about the best choice for your kitty.

The next best thing for your meat lover is good quality canned cat food, and we can help with that, too. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your cat’s nutritional needs, give us a call. We’d love to help.