helping your dog overcome stressWhen you look closely at nature, you’ll find a universal truth: every mama knows how to comfort her baby. This is why AdaptilTM works so well to calm and soothe a puppy or adult dog.

AdaptilTM is a synthetic copy of the naturally occurring pheromone released by a mother dog to reassure her pups.

It’s odorless, non-sedative and designed especially for dogs. AdaptilTM, available in a collar, diffuser or spray, has been recommended and used by veterinarians and pet behaviorists for the past ten years.

Puppies that are fitted with an AdaptilTM collar from 6 to 16 weeks are more likely to make a smooth transition to a new home. AdaptilTM aids socialization skills and helps these puppies grow up to be confident and well behaved.

This scientifically proven product can support dogs in a variety of stressful circumstances:

1. Going to the kennel or vet

2. Going to a new home

3. Learning to live with a new (human) baby

4. Traveling by car

5. Staying home alone

6. Coping with thunderstorms or fireworks

7. Sleeping alone

8. Breaking routine, as in a major holiday that brings company or other changes.

If you think your dog might benefit from AdaptilTM, talk to us at Town N Country. We’d love to help your dog feel less anxious.