When your puppy goes, and it’s not on your silk rug from Persia, life is very good.
Housetraining your puppy takes a fair share of time and patience. Here are a few tips to help you survive puppy pee, puppy poo and yes, puppy love:

1. Sign up for a check-up. Your first step to a well-behaved, housetrained dog is to schedule an appointment for your furry little love with your vet. A clean bill of health is a fantastic starting point. You might think your dog’s being spiteful when the truth is she has a urine track infection.
2. Programming a poo?? Timing’s everything when you have a puppy and the probable possibility of piddling prematurely. If you have a good idea of scheduling, house training’s manageable. Here’s a general idea of when your puppy’s “gotta go”!
a) When you get up in the morning,
b) 10 minutes after a meal
c) Right after play or any excitement (Look, the mailman!)
d) Before a walk
e) Every hour – yes, hour!
f) When you go to bed at night
3. Seeking Job Placement. It’s possible to train your dog to go in the same place in the garden every time. Take a rag that’s cleaned up urine from her less than successful efforts and place it in the garden spot you prefer. Accompany your puppy to the strategically placed rag, and after sniffing the rag, he’ll go there. You’ll have to repeat this exercise more than once, but your puppy will get the idea.
4. Call and total recall. Choose a phrase or word you will say to get your dog to do the business. You can say “Go poo” or “Let ‘er rip!” or the French word for excrement – it’s up to you. Just be specific and consistent.
5. Sing praises to your pup. When he goes where you want him to go, praise lavishly. She’ll recognize your happy voice right away.
6. In Case of Accident. Don’t panic! Don’t shout “mid-stream” — try not to shout at all. Rubbing his nose in it won’t reinforce anything except fear. A firm “no” is all you need to say. Clean with products created to get the smell out of your carpet or floor. A dog’s nose is sensitive; this is why they go back to the same spot.
7. Crate Sweet Crate. All creatures great and small will instinctively leave the place they sleep to relieve themselves. A crate is a cozy, quiet, safe place for a puppy.
8. Dancing Matilda. If your Matilda or Rex or Fez starts to circle or sniff the floor, realize that these actions indicate a need to go outside. If your reflexes are good, it won’t be too late!

At Town N Country, we look forward to meeting the newest member of your family. Plan to pop over and present your puppy — pronto!

Pee S: Town N Country is an exciting/scary/stimulating place for a dog, so don’t be surprised – or embarrassed – if your pooch walks into the hospital and immediately piddles on the floor. She’s not the first, won’t be the last, and we’re prepared to clean it up. Promise.