traveling with your petThanksgiving is all about family, so why wouldn’t you want your furry family members to travel with you over the river and through the woods? Whether it’s Grandma’s house or your brother-in-law’s, you might want to consider the following pointers as you’re planning your pet-filled traveling holiday:

1. Let’s talk turkey. When you’re visiting family or friends, make sure your host is aware that your pet’s coming and is okay with it. Even those with their own pets may not welcome an additional cat or dog. Start the conversation and be flexible. Some things are best left unsaid, but this isn’t one of them.

2. Stuff it to go. The crate, that is! Your pet’s crate provides him with a safe, familiar environment for travel. Consider it her home away from home.

3. Bring a favorite side. Your pet’s favorites! A leash, special food, daily meds, a small first aid kit and a favorite toy can help your pet handle the differences that travel brings whether by plane or by car.

4. Avoid Holiday Seasonal Disorder. AdaptilTM, available at Town N Country, is an anti-anxiety medication that can help nervous, furry travelers. AdaptilTM collars and diffusers encourage diffusion of pheromones, hormones released by lactating mammals to comfort and soothe.

5. Order Chips. Should your dog or cat wander, your pet’s microchip can help ensure a safe return. If your pet isn’t chipped, give us a call.

6. Call it happy hour. With a little preventive care, you’ll both be happy. Sensitive stomachs sometimes need a little extra kindness on the road. Offering only bottled water rather than tap water can help settle stomachs.

7. Plan ahead for half-time. Give your pet a light meal three to four hours prior to your departure. Never feed your pet in a moving vehicle, and once you’re there, be careful that no one else slips your pet rich foods that aren’t healthy.

8. Bring Your Own Records. Bring along a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. While you hope to never need them, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Make a reservation. If you’ve weighed all the options, and decide that it would be better to leave your pets with us. We love being able to spend extra time with your pets in Kitty Corral and Doggy Day-Care! Call us for an appointment!

Whether you’re traveling with or without your pet, give us a call to be sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and ready for travel. You’ll be so thankful you did!