Inclement Weather Exercise for You and Your Dog

pet exercise in inclement weatherIt’s so cold in the neighborhood that we saw the mailman running from dogs and polar bears. And the bear had a sweater on.

Nothing changes exercise and walking plans faster than snow, sleet and driving cold rain. Even if your dog is willing, you’re not so sure. What do you do? It’s too early to give up on a New Year’s Resolution and too late to move to Florida.

Don’t despair! Here are a few ideas to keep a good routine going:

1. Fetch, Forest, Fetch! It could be a squeaky toy or a rubber ball, but either one can get your dog excited to exercise. One of our favorite mutts thinks the fetch game is really a game of keep away, but either way, she’s moving.

2. Stair master routine. Getting your dog to run up and down stairs is a great way to make the most of a wintry day. Your dog may naturally follow you up and down the stairs – that means you get a good work-out too. However, a more reluctant pooch might need a treat to get motivated.

3. Hopping through the Hoop. Training your dog to go through a hula hoop gives him a good mini-work-out. Treats can be a great motivator, but try not to get carried away!

4. Visit Us! With our day care program, you can schedule supervised time for your dog to interact with other fun loving dogs. We have lots of dogs that come to us while their family is away at work, but we’d love to help keep your brrrrr-baby moving during these brrrr days.

5. Try the treadmill. If folks in Hawaii can teach a dog to surf, teaching a dog to walk or run on a tread mill is certainly possible in North Carolina (or any other state with where it rains, snows or sleets.) The secret is to start slowly. Let your dog get used to the treadmill when it’s off. Then when she’s comfortable, try the lowest setting. Steadily work at introducing each step and reward as you go.

6. It’s a cat thing too. Most of our tips have been for dogs but cats need exercise too. Cat trees or toys on strings usually motivate the most reticent kitties.

A little creativity on your part keeps your pet interested and moving. How about you? What indoor activities excite your pet? If you’d be willing to share your favorite ideas, we’d love to hear them! Share them on our Facebook page, or send us a message!