We are excited to announce that we are hosting Dr. Kelly Sigle, DMV DACVO for a limited time at Town N Country. Dr. Sigle is a board certified ophthalmologist, and will serve pets who need advanced ophthalmic diagnostics and therapies. She’ll examine, diagnose and prescribe therapies or perform minor surgical procedures to keep your pets’ eyes healthy.eye exams

We all know that dogs and cats really rely on their sense of smell, but it’s still important to keep those eyes healthy! Conditions like cataracts and glaucoma affect pets, just like humans. Other eye issues that your pet may face are conjunctivitis, dry eye, and corneal damage. Not so common are cancers of the eye. Dr. Sigle can screen for all of these conditions, and assess overall eye health.

Dr. Sigle and her staff will see patients at our Gurney Street location, working alongside our TNC team. To make an appointment, call or text 336.422.0707 or email kelly@allabouteyesvet.com. As far as we know, this is the first time a board certified ophthalmology specialist has been in Alamance County, and we are delighted that she will be here for your pets’ ophthalmology needs.