When it comes to resolutions, pet grooming is right up there with teeth flossing – we know we should, but it’s no fun, so it’s on our low priority list.

If grooming is something you’ve resolved to improve upon this year, here are some tips.

Bathing. There’s no set amount of time between dog bathings. Some are fine only being bathed once every six months. Others, such as dogs who like to hike, can easily require a weekly bath, but you can rinse without soap some of the time. Bathing more than once a week can dry out a dog’s skin.

Brushing. Whether your dog has long hair or short, you should brush her every few days. It removes dead hair, makes for a clean and shiny coat, and helps circulation. Regular brushing also allows you to feel changes in your pet’s body, like lumps or weak muscles. You may also find fleas or ticks that you may not otherwise notice.

Nail Trims. Dogs nails need to be clipped often; if you can hear clicking as your dog walks across the floor, it’s probably time. If you’d rather not tackle the clipping, we do this here at the office.

Ears. Routinely wipe out your dogs each with a dry cotton ball (no swab!) or piece of guaze. If you notice any bad odors, let us know right away.

Cats. Most cats should be groomed rarely, because most cats do a good job of taking care of themselves, but there but there are exceptions. Some cats have medical or weight issues that make them less able to groom themselves. Some long haired cats need to have excess hair removed every 3 to 4 months.

Of course, we know that you may not have time to do all of the grooming and bathing and nail clipping that your dog or cat needs, which is why we have a Pet Spa right on site at Town N Country. We’ll set you an appointment and you can call that resolution done!