You’ve seen the ads for discount drugs – especially in emails, on Facebook, and on Ebay. “Discount pet drugs!” “Pet Drugs for Less – No Prescription Required!” You probably have a gut feeling that something is scary, and you’re right. Most of these online pharmacies have medicines that are fake, because the truth is they’ve just shifted their shape to look like the real thing. Whether it’s flea medicine or heartworm prevention, your pet could be in danger if you purchase from the wrong source!

Really Really Shifty Drugs. It’s true that these drugs are cheaper, but the similarities end there. You very often get counterfeit or poor quality drugs, or medicines that have slight variations that could have a big impact on your pet’s health. Sometimes out of date drugs are repackaged. Other times active ingredients are ‘watered down’. And if that isn’t enough to make you run away screaming, giving your email address and credit card number to sites like this exposes you to major spam – or even credit card or identity theft.

Which One is the Shifter? Can you tell which of the two boxes below is not FDA approved? At first glance, we couldn’t either, but you’ll find that the two have different percentages of active drug ingredients. The good, U.S. product from our office is the one with the picture of the dog & child. It’s scary how they both look like the real thing.


Can you tell which of these boxes is counterfeit?

How to Spot the Shape Shifters. As you can see above, it’s not easy! If you’re able to buy prescription drugs without a prescription, it’s fake. If the price is too good to be true, it’s most likely not true. If you get an email advertisement, hit delete! Also steer clear of companies not located or licensed in the United States.

You Don’t HAVE to be Scared! Buying medicines online doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve partnered with Vetsource, and their online pharmacy offers you safe home delivery that you can trust.

Save your scary encounters for the ghosts and goblins that come knocking at your door begging for candy. When it comes to your pet’s health, play it safe. If you have any questions about your pet’s medicines, please let us know.


This box arrived looking worn.


This is a legitimate lot number.


This lot number is from a foreign pharmacy.