Zoey is one of our patients who has a better quality of life thanks to Solensia!

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when joint tissue begins to wear down, leaving bone touching bone. You’ve heard of it in humans, but it also affects dogs and cats. Until recently, there was little relief offered for cats with OA, and the condition often led to mobility difficulties and severe pain. Now there is a new drug called Solensia®, a monthly injection administered at our office that can aid in the management of OA pain in cats. We’ve been seeing some great results on some of our patients, like Zoey in the picture!

Solensia® is truly a remarkable drug that uses cutting edge medicine. Its active ingredient is Frunevetmab®, a type of  protein made in the laboratory that binds to the Nerve Growth Factor protein, which helps regulate pain. The antibody actually blocks the nerve’s pain signal from reaching the brain.

There’s not a cure for osteoarthritis, but Solensia® helps your cat to manage the pain. If your cat is over six years old and is displaying symptoms of OA, come see us. We’ll do a thorough exam and see if Solensia® is an option for your cat.