ZoeyCats are experts at concealing pain, so when a can is hurting, it’s up to the owner to notice behavior changes that indicate discomfort, such as difficulty jumping, climbing stairs, or playing.

That was the case with one of our patients named Zoey, a 14 year old cat with osteoarthritis. OA causes cartilage to stiffen, making it more susceptible to damage. Over time, the cartilage can even wear in some areas. Cartilage is designed to be a shock absorber, similar to the ones in your vehicle. If you’ve ever ridden down a rutted road without shock absorbers, you have an idea of how painful OA is for a cat who likes to run and jump and play.

That was how Zoey felt. Her ‘shock absorbers’ were wearing out, and as a result, she had stopped jumping and playing. She had already had two knee surgeries and her mom was starting to see sensitivity in her elbows as well.

There isn’t a cure for OA, but recently, a new treatment is available which addresses the pain. It’s called Solensia®, and it literally blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain. We started Solensia® injections for Zoey in February. About two weeks after the first injection mom said she was able to jump from the floor to the top of the couch in one fluid movement. After the second shot, mom said she was initiating play with the younger cats in the house for the first time ever.

Zoey comes in to see us every month for her Solensia injection, and her improvement continues to amaze us. We’re always glad to see Zoey, but most of all, we’re glad to see Zoey able to do some of the things that were so very painful for her.

Zoey’s improvement isn’t unique. Many cats have shown a dramatic drop in OA symptoms after taking Solensia®. If you think your cat would benefit from Solensia®, let us know. We’d love to add your cat to our list of success stories! Call us or visit us online today to make an appointment to talk about Solensia®.