Our houses aren’t the only thing that need a periodical deep cleaning. Your pet occasionally needs a thorough grooming session, too – whether done by you or the Pet Spa at Town N Country. We’re going be talking about grooming this month, and to start with, we’d like to encourage you to trim your pet’s nails!

Why is a nail trim so important? The obvious reason is so that your pet doesn’t scratch your furniture, floors- or you! But untrimmed nails can also result in other problems, too. You may not know that long nails can cause nail bed infections, or even cause “ankles” to drop, resulting in misalignment in the back. In serious cases, nails can even grow around and into the pad and cause infected paw pads.

If you need pointers on trimming your pet’s nails, ask us. Or better yet – let us do it for you. You can get a free nail trim when you join the “Best in Show” club here.