The responsibility of owning a pet includes making sure your pet is properly treated with basic vaccines. Individual needs vary according to the lifestyle and health of each pet, but some things are always the same for each patient.

Here’s a general list of what you can expect for your dog:

Rabies: Required by law if you live in the United States, this shot protects your pet and everyone in your community from this disease. Generally, the first rabies shot is administered after 12 weeks of age and before 6 months of age. State regulations vary slightly, but we recommend that rabies shots should be renewed every three years.

Distemper/Parvo: A combination vaccine for two of the most serious diseases, Distemper and Parvovirus, that’s usually given to puppies between 9 and 12 weeks of age. These combination shots are effective for 1 year.

Bordetella: This vaccine prevents Kennel Cough and may be given as nose spray or included in a combination shot. It’s a good idea for any dog that will be around other dogs.

Lymes disease: This vaccine is certainly not for everyone. Our patients that are heavily exposed to ticks (hunters, trail runners, working dogs, etc) are recommended to receive this vaccine.

Leptospirosis: Does your doggie play in ponds or other standing water? Does he drink from puddles? These activities can expose your dog to this zoonotic (contagious to humans) disease. This vaccine is also limited to only our patients who are at risk.

Now the plan for our furry felines:

Rabies: This is a shot required by US law. At Town N Country, we offer 1-year feline rabies vaccines since the 3-year vaccine has health risks we are not willing to take with our patients. Specifically,vaccine sites for the 3-year vaccine have been associated with fibrosarcoma.

Feline Distemper: In most cases, when this vaccine is given to a kitten, the cat reaps the benefit of a lifetime protection from feline distemper. It’s recommended that the first set of shots is given at 8-9 weeks of age and the second at 12-13 weeks of age.

Leukemia: The best protection a kitten can have from this particular disease is to be kept indoors. If your cat goes outside or is exposed to other unprotected cats such as stray cats – then they should be vaccinated.

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus): Our outdoor kitties can be exposed to this disease. Similarly to the Leukemia vaccine we determine if your cat should be vaccinated after thoroughly understanding their lifestyle.

Your Pet at Town N Country. At Town N Country, we advise you on the best course of vaccinations for your individual pet and your unique lifestyle. We also take care to minimize any side effects. For example, each vaccine is administered in a standard location in each patient so that if a reaction occurs, it’s obvious which vaccine is the culprit.

Our goal is to keep your pet – and you – healthy, happy, and safe.