your-pets-bad-breathCould your dog’s bad breath….
1. straighten your hair?
2. Make skunks get high?
3. Peel paint?
4. Take karate lessons? (Because it’s sure kicking! – Get it?!)
No joke – your pet’s dental health deserves serious attention. No matter what you’ve been told, doggy breath shouldn’t be synonymous with bad breath. A healthy mouth means gums look pink (not red or purple) and there’s no foul odor. Bad breath can be an early sign for infection.
Just as your own health can be compromised by periodontal disease, your pet’s dental infections can lead to problems with her heart, liver and kidneys that can consequently result in a shortened lifespan.
Take a closer look in your pet’s mouth. If you can find tartar accumulation or see red or purple gums, it’s time for a cleaning. Or if Barney’s breath is something the whole family avoids, it’s time to give us a call.