fear free dog scales

You’re not the only one that has a fear of scales. Your doggies also have an aversion, although for very different reasons. That’s why we’ve added a specially designed weigh station in our reception area.

As you can see in the picture of Buddy, the scale itself has a raked edge so that the dogs don’t have to step up, and the floor has a comfortable non-slip mat on top of it. Keeping Fear Free standards in mind, the placement of the scale is open, instead of backed into a corner or up against a wall. There is a pony wall to guard against the distraction of any passersby while obtaining a weight.

The marked containers on the wall hold our favorite high value treats, along with a hypoallergenic option. The spray cheese pictured can also be spread onto the plexiglass paw print for the patient to lick off while being weighed.

Now that the scale is a happy place, dogs sit quite still for their treat once they catch on, allowing us to get a more accurate weight. It’s just another way for us to keep your pets healthy, happy, and fear free!