Be at the center of your pet’s health needs by connecting with the PetDesk app. With PetDesk, you’ll have all the information associated with each of your pets available on your phone and you’ll be able to make appointments, chat with us, and get reminders for preventatives!

Simply download the app, register with the telephone number you have on file with us, and you’re on your way!

You should see that your pets are already in your account. (If they are not, let us know!) You can add an image and fill in any other information you have on your pet, including a microchip number and food. You’ll notice that PetDesk has filled in some prescription and medical information.

With PetDesk, you have:

  • Easy prescription refills
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Updated medical info at your fingertips
  • Food, medication, preventative reminders
  • A place to text us or quick questions!

You can also add secondary providers – like groomers, boarding facilities, and vet specialists. PLUS, you can also email their own records whenever needed.

Download the free PetDesk app today. It’s like a home secretary for your pets!