Gilbert Needs Surgery

Gilbert's family found a growth on his leg, and after his evaluation we felt that he needed to have surgery. We talked with his family about why we felt the procedure was necessary, and presented them some alternatives. We gave them an honest prognosis, and a recovery timeline. His family got a cost estimate, too. [...]

Gilbert Has Surgery

Gilbert had a growth on his leg, and we scheduled him for a surgical procedure. We briefed his family on how to prep a pet for surgery, and they brought him to us early the morning of his operation. Our first step was to sedate Gilbert. At Town N Country, we provide state of the [...]

Gilbert, Home From Surgery

After surgery for a growth on his leg, Gilbert went home to the loving care of his family. Gilbert needed a comfortable, confined space so he couldn't run around. The goal was to keep him very calm. His family put him into a small office where he couldn't run or jump. They could have also [...]

Fall Safety Tips for Your Pet

It's fall, ya'll, bringing sweaters, football, pumpkin spice - and some things that could be harmful to your pet. As your schedule heats up and the weather cools down, here are some safety tips for your family: Not So Fungi. Fall is mushroom season, and while most mushrooms are fine, 1% are very toxic to [...]

Formerly Known As Kennel Cough

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex is on the rise in North Carolina and surrounding states. Commonly known as "Kennel Cough" CIRDC isn't actually one disease; it's a group of very similar symptoms that are caused by various bacteria and viruses, especially the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica, zooepidemicus, mycoplasma, and the viruses adenovirus, canine distemper, canine influenza, [...]

Greens for Your Bored Cat

"Only boring people are bored," the old adage says. For cats, however, affecting boredom is a mark of distinction. Garfield, Tom (as in Jerry), Sylvester, Snowball, Grumpy Cat, and even Bagheera have all perfected that look of pure indifference. In real life, however, a bored cat can lead to anxiety, which can lead to many [...]

Introducing Dr. Corbin!

You may have met Dr. Stanley (Stan) Corbin DVM, MPH, who has recently joined our team of veterinarians. Dr. Corbin achieved his veterinary degree at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. He began his career mentoring in a mixed-animal hospital, and subsequently started Pleasant Garden Veterinary Hospital in Greensboro, an Equine [...]

Introducing Diane Sellew, Our New Groomer

We're very excited that we have a new groomer! Diane Sellew comes to us with 23 years of experience. Many of you will know her from Burlington Animal Hospital, where she worked for 16 years until it closed. She has also worked at Woof Watchers. When we added the Forestdale office, she joined us, and [...]

IMPORTANT! Canine Respiratory Cases on the Rise!

The NCVMA has announced a sudden uptick in canine respiratory cases in our area and other areas of NC and SC. We have also noticed an increase in our practice. Many people call this "kennel cough", but that is a misnomer. It could be dog park cough, daycare cough, or "visiting the beach with the [...]

Boarding – Exclusively for Cats!

Cats, we've been listening to you. You really don't want to be near the dogs when you come to stay with us. The barking, the smells, the drooling, and those annoying doggie smiles. We see you rolling your eyes when we babble to the dogs in high pitched voices. We feel your disdain when we [...]

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