Every cat’s health is threatened by 5 common ailments that are potentially deadly. As your cat’s biggest fan, you can provide a good foundation for your cat’s health with simple preventive steps. Take a look at how easy it can be:

1. Periodontal Disease Probably the most common problem affecting the feline population, periodontal disease is very subtle, deadly and preventable. Here’s a great plan for to keep your pet’s pearly whites healthy:
a) Born to be Raw. If you don’t know about the benefit of feeding Raw to your pet, click here for more information. Keep in mind that cats are carnivores and crave meat.
b) Routine clean. Schedule a routine teeth cleaning for your cat at Town N Country.
c) In-between cleanings. If you start at the kitten stage, tooth brushing can be a good habit. We recommend Oravet toothpaste and toothbrushes for the job. An alternative to brushing is CET (Clean Every Tooth!) chews.
2. Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions. Follow the preceding steps for good dental health for your cat. In the end stages of this dental disease, the only treatment would be extraction.
3. Obesity. Prevention is always a better route than treatment. Provide cat platforms or trees for exercise opportunities inside. For some cats, time spent outdoors is just what’s needed to keep them fit. (Click here for more ideas.) If your cat is starting to resemble Garfield, think portion control. Measure as necessary!
4. Litterbox problems. The litterbox continues to be an accurate health indicator for cats. A missed litterbox could be screaming “I’m NOT okay with the new kitten you brought home.” Or “I HURRRRT.” Before you attribute the incident to your cat’s moodiness, schedule an appointment with TNC. (The litterbox is so important that it gets its own post next week. There’s a lot to learn from your cat’s toilet!)
5. Hairballs. First of all, a hairball is not a normal cat activity like scratching or stretching or playing with your shoe strings. In mild cases of this digestive malady, Laxatone may alleviate the symptoms. We may recommend a specific diet to overcome hairballs.

Your cat’s good health doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking time for a few simple habits and working with your vet, you can do your best to assure an active, healthy life for your pet. If you have any questions about your cat’s symptoms or a personalized treatment plan, give us a call. We love to hear from you.