(to the tune of Under the Boardwalk)
Under the sofa (she’s not having fun)
Under the sofa (she’s not the only one)
Under the sofa (fireworks popping above)
Under the sofa (please help my love!)
Under the sofa, sofa!

Does your furry baby’s angst over the fourth’s fireworks give you material for a new hit song? Before the big fourth celebration, take a look at these 10 calming strategies that can help your pet overcome seasonal or noise-related anxieties and breathe easier:
1. Prep your space. If you know that community fireworks will be heard in your home, take the time to close windows and even curtains to minimize noise. You can also play music or the TV to cover up some of the popping sound.
2. Prep your pet’s space. Some pets may bolt outside when frightened. Take the time to confine your cat or dog in a safe area in your home. If your pet’s accustomed to a kennel and finds that a safe place, make it accessible to him.
3. Watch yourself. It’s easy to jump up and comfort a frightened pet, but you may be setting up a pattern you don’t want continued. Carry on as usual when the fireworks start, and your dog may do the same.
4. Desensitize. A recording of thunderstorms or fireworks played low and gradually increased could desensitize your pet from reacting to these noises.
5. Distract. Another strategy is to distract her with a new toy or treat or even a trick.
6. Power walk. July 4th is a great day for exercise, exercise and more exercise. Wear your dog out with an extra long walk or a little longer time playing fetch. By the time the sun goes down, your dog may be more focused on settling down to sleep than on jumping up to hide.
7. Dress your pet courageously. With the premise that thunder and loud noises in general can start a less than desired behavior in your pet, the Thundershirt has been introduced as an affordable solution. The idea of gentle constant pressure is similar to that of swaddling a cranky human baby – and it works for 80% of the pets that try it. Click here for purchasing information.
8. Treat your pet like a baby. Nothing’s happier than a fed, warm puppy. That’s the idea behind Adaptil products; you can choose a spray, diffuser or collar to distribute a synthetic copy of pheromones or mama dog hormones meant to soothe nursing puppies, the hormones released by a lactating mama dog for her puppies. Works well for adult dogs as well as puppies. Click here for more information.
9. Protect your dog’s ears. Your dog’s ears are much more sensitive than yours. Many dogs benefit from wearing specially designed Mutt Muffs that can block some levels of the noise.
10. Talk to your vet. When you’ve tried a plethora of ideas and your pet’s still a quivering bundle of nerves, talk to us about anti-anxiety medications. A fast- acting variety might be the perfect solution for one noisy night.

Call us if you’d like to discuss your pet’s case with us. Everyone at Town N Country wishes you and yours a safe, happy and courageous Fourth!