fall allergies for petsWe usually think of Springtime as allergy season, but your pet may think otherwise. Your dog may bite and lick a bald spot on an itchy part of her body. Your cat may develop a raised, crusty area on his skin. Allergies cause ear infections, yeast infections, and even diarrhea. But what are the underlying allergens?

The Downside to Fall Beauty. Many of the things that we love about fall are the culprits behind the scratching and itching that we don’t love. Colorful leaves and autumn flowers make beautiful pictures, but leaf mold and ragweed are common causes of allergies. We love the crisp cool nights, but the first blast of the furnace can stir up dust – and dust mites.

The Neverending Season of Fleas. Fleas have a reputation of being a summer issue, but the truth is that they live year round. Don’t let the cooler weather tempt you to slack off on giving your pet preventatives. Saliva from just one flea bite can trigger an allergic reaction.

To minimize your pet’s exposure to fall allergens, wipe off his paws after being outside. Vacuum and change the air filters regularly inside your home, and make sure your yard is groomed outside. Make sure pet bedding is washed in hot water every week.

If your furbaby continues to show symptoms, talk to us. We may recommend Apoquel® or Cytopoint®, medications which inhibit the body’s trigger for inflammation and itching. We’ll work with you to diagnose the root issue, and help you and your pet enjoy the wonderful season of fall and all the joys that it brings.