We know how hard it is to think of good gifts to get Rudolph and Mittens. There are only so many squeak toys, dog sweaters, and catnip treats that you can own. But – fear not! Here’s a curated list of gifts that your pet will love. Many of them are inspired by items you’ll recognize from the Fear Free rooms at Town N Country. 

Fetch Too: The iFetch Too is charged via a rechargeable battery that lasts up to about 300 throws before needing to be re-charged. With four difference distance settings, 3, 7, 12 or random, it’s totally flexible for your pet & your available space. Once powered up, your dog drops the ball into the top of the unit and the ball is launched with power for your dog to fetch the ball & return to the unit. Each iFetch Too comes with 3 large tennis balls. You can of course, use normal tennis balls or even Chuck-It balls if you dog is partial to something a little more heavy duty.

iDig: Load with toys or treats and watch your dog dig for the buried treasure. The iDig has a variety of flap designs that provide varied levels of digging difficulty. The iDig can provide hours of physical and mental enrichment and is apositive outlet for your dog’s innate desire to dig.

Lick Lick Pad: With a little spray cheese or peanut butter, this product can be the ultimate distractor and can be used during brushing, baths, nail trims and other times your pet needs food enrichment or entertainment.

Pet Tunes Canine & Feline Edition by Pet Acoustics: If you’re a client of ours, then you know we love Pet Acoustics and we use their music boxes throughout our hospital! These tiny speakers come pre-loaded with frequency modified music and are clinically proven to reduce stress.

The sound quality is excellent and our clients often think the music is being played on an overhead speaker, until we show them. The music is so relaxing that even our human visitors enjoy them and threaten to nap right there in the exam room. If you’re feeling festive they even have a holiday edition available.

 Sleepypod Pet Products: You can’t go wrong with Sleepypod! From their crash tested safety harnesses for your dog to their flagship Sleepypod cat carrier that allows your cat to travel safely in the comfort of their own bed, to their amazing easy to clean travel bowls- there’s something for everyone!

Pawfriciton: Pawfriction is a paw pad coating system designed to improve quality of life for senior dogs and dogs with orthopedic or neurological conditions. Pawfriction is easy-to-apply, custom-fitted to your dog’s paw pads, and prevents slipping and sliding on smooth floors by adding traction and stability.

Pawfriction Paw Pads

Senses Toys by Catit: This modular system provides an enriching home life for cats. The interchangeable, modifiable add-on structure is the ultimate kitty haven to engage a cat’s interest and encourage interaction by incorporating design elements that invigorate the cat’s senses and meet key feline needs. The system’s mix-and-match system keeps your cat’s interest keen and invigorates day-to-day life with a variety of modules that include flexible design toys to encourage predatory play, multilevel food puzzles, a fresh flowing flower design fountain, a wellness station for kitty massage and relaxation, scratching posts, and a fresh cat grass garden.

V-High Base Vesper Cat Furniture by Catit: This climbing, scratching, and dwelling piece is a win for cats and people with its functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The biggest win is the extra high scratching post that allows cats to get in a full stretch as they scratch and provides a high getaway space complete with memory foam cushions for feline climbing enthusiasts.