This year has been totally disorganized, through no fault of our own. Now – odd as it may be – is back to school time – and families are taking the opportunity to try to regroup and get organized. One of the easiest ways to get – and keep – your fur babies organized is through Petly, the online portal that helps keep you on track. It’s like a personal assistant for your pet!

Record Keeper. Petly keeps your pet’s records right at your fingertips, including shots, prescriptions, and office visits.

Appointment Maker. The Petly apppointment scheduler lets you make your appointments online at your convenience, and notifies you of what to expect when you arrive.

Prescription Filler. Order prescriptions for those monthly prevention meds, and they’ll arrive at your door. Use the recurring option and you can set and forget it!

Food Supplier. You can also order food and other pet supplies via Petly – and once again, the recurring option is available.

Money Saver. Petly Health Care Plans can save you money on the services you routinely schedule. Read more about that here.
We know that this is an insanely busy time for you and your family. Petly can help you check off one of the to-do items’s from your long list. It’sĀ invaluable for you – and for your pet.