thundershirt for alternative medsSpring and summer thunder storms keep gardens green, but they can also terrify your dog. While you can easily recognize the fear of a dog that hides in your closet, you might not be familiar with these signs of a phobia of thunderstorms:
1. Excessive panting
2. Trembling
3. Hiding
4. Pacing
5. Vocalizing
6. Being destructive
Dogs with only a mild reaction to the storm may be distracted with an indoor game of fetch-the-ball or simple obedience exercises. Others may feel more comfortable with the routine of going to their kennel or bed.
Some dogs consistently react to the drop in barometric pressure. For dogs that are anxious with every storm, you might want to consider one of these solutions:
1. Thundershirts. For many of our clients, the gentle pressure of Thundershirts can calm and give relief in stressful situations.
2. Desensitization. Playing recordings of thunderstorms quietly for your dog can help desensitize her. Every few days, play the recording a little louder. Reassure your dog with a routine that might comfort, like going to his kennel or bed.
3. Short term medicines. When you know a storm is predicted or brewing, a short-acting sedative can bring your pet quick relief.
4. Longer term anti-anxiety medicines. If it’s the season for storms, you may want to consider anti-anxiety meds for a month or so rather than administering sedatives every day or two. With this sort of medicine, you won’t worry about not being home when a storm hits.
If you recognize signs of distress in your dog when the thunder rolls, give us a call and let’s set up a time to meet. Let’s help your dog ride out the next storm without disappearing.