Cats are really pretty easy going creatures – except when they’re not. Keep your cat happy by creating a home environment that is cat friendly. Here are the essentials.

1. Cats Sleep Anywhere. This may be true in theory, but in truth, cats need a quiet place to take those infamous cat naps. Watch and see where your cat likes to sleep the best, and add a cat bed – or a special towel or blanket.
2. Scratch Off. Your cat is going to scratch. A scratching post will help her scratch something besides your couch or carpet. A cat that already has these habits started can be retrained! Read more about that here.
3. The Necessary. It’s necessary to have at one litter box for every cat in your home, then one more for good measure. Make sure they’re easily accessible to your cat. Clean them daily.
4. Cats-ercise. Cats like to play it cool, but in reality, they like to play. Cat toys can include fancy things from the pet store, or simple things like balls of aluminum foil or a paper towel tube.
5. The View. Cats like to watch the action. A view out the window is one of their favorite things. They love to see the squirrels and the neighbors and even the leaves swirling by.

As we said, cats are pretty easy going creatures, but if you take away any of the above essentials, and your cat may show his claws. If you’ve provided all of the above and you still have an unhappy cat = give us a call. We’ll help you evaluate the situation and see what you can do to get your kitties purring again!