house catSnoozing in the sun, your cat appears to have everything: food, water, and an adoring fan base. Keeping a cat happy isn’t overly complicated, but a few resources in place can enrich your kitty’s life and make your life simpler. To equip your home as a cat-friendly place, consider the following:
1. Think like a cat. People and most mammals like to live in a group, while cats prefer solitude and independence. Think about how your dog interacts with you when you come in the door (“Yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!”) and compare that to your cat (Yawn. “You again?”). A dog may follow your every move, but a cat comes to you on her own terms.
2. Create a retreat. Cats sleep more than teens on the weekend, and like anyone who’s sleeping, they need a safe, quiet, out-of-the-way spot to snooze. His favorite spot may be on top of your cupboard or under your bed. Ideally, your cat shouldn’t be too far away from a litter box or a place to play. A cat’s bed is nice, but so is a special towel or blanket. Watch your cat and see what she prefers.

3. Place a litter box (or two).
You need at least one litter box per cat to suit because cats are fastidious by nature. Make sure the box is scooped out daily and washed out weekly to keep everyone content.
4. Pull up to the ole scratching post. Cats scratch instinctively, but what do you do when the object they choose isn’t a scratching post? When you cat zeros in on chair or sofa legs, he’s letting you know he needs a vertical post, preferably in an area he already likes to hang out in. A cat that repetitively scratches on carpet might prefer a horizontal post. Offer treats to encourage her to use the scratching post, and if you have more than one cat, provide more than one.
5. Exercise your cat. Herding cats might be tough, but cats love toys that encourage jumping, hiding and playing. You can purchase toys, or they can be as simple as a toilet paper tube, a bit of aluminum foil, or an empty box.
6. Wanted: Perch with a View. Cats enjoy a good view too – of the mailman’s approach, the backyard bird bath or the neighbor’s dog walking by. Again, this doesn’t have to be a purchased item; your cat could use a sofa or chair that backs up to a window.
With just a few additions, your house could be the cat’s meow. Should you have any questions about what’s best for your cat, give us a call.