We had a visit last week from one of our sweet little patients, whom we will call Bo, to protect his privacy. His owner noticed a mole like growth on his belly, but the puppy wouldn’t be calm enough for a close inspection.

We’re not laughing. He’s laughing.

We took Bo back to Dr. Bolynn for an exam. Dr. B couldn’t locate anything out of the ordinary, but she was pretty sure what the problem was. The dog had one nipple that was darker than the others. It truly did look like a mole. And that was what the owner saw.

The owner was very embarrassed, but we assured her she shouldn’t have been. We get this question quite often. In fact, there are a lot of questions that we get time after time, and sometimes the answer makes the owner feel foolish. But we don’t want you to ever feel that way!

We want to assure you that it’s okay for you to ask any question. That is why we are here. No question is a foolish question, and we’re happy to answer any concern that you may have.

PS Bo’s owner actually suggested that we write this article. She suggested that we title it “Boy Dogs Have Nipples Too”.