Keeping your cat happy and healthy is fairly straightforward with regular check-ups, a good diet and exercise. Unfortunately a simple oversight could lead to tragedy. A sad example is the sudden death of one of our patients, a completely indoor cat. The recent necropsy performed in our hospital revealed heartworm disease.

Stop that Mosquito! It would be great if mosquitoes could be stopped from transmitting heartworm disease. While indoor cats aren’t as exposed as outdoor cats are, a bite isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

Many owners of indoor cats believe they don’t need prevention for heartworms,, but when the disease goes undetected for months, the result can be adult-sized (14-inch) heartworms thriving inside a cat’s small heart and arteries.

An undetected case of heartworms isn’t that far-fetched for cats because the symptoms are easily mistaken for other problems. For instance, the most common symptom, breathing difficulty, is often presumed to indicate asthma or pneumonia.

Prevention is always better than treatment. Treatment may kill the heartworms, but dead worms inside your cat’s heart and arteries are as problematic as live ones.

For our feline patients, we recommend Revolution, a once-a-month topical treatment. Applied topically to the skin between your cat’s shoulder blades, Revolution also prevents most intestinal parasites, ear mites, fleas and ticks.

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