love your petIn the month of February, our thoughts turn to the things in our lives that bring love into our lives. For most of us, pets are at the top of that list. Loving is an instinct, but that doesn’t stop book after article after podcast from giving us ideas on how to love a little bit better. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas for you into a ‘Love Manual for Your Pet’.

Part One is dedicated to how to get all emotionally involved with your pet. We’ll give you a playlist to set the mood….

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. Dogs and cats are very perceptive to your facial expressions. They know when you’re smiling, and they know when you are not. Dogs have a region in their brain that is dedicated to processing faces of humans, which accounts for their understanding. Cats learn the particular expressions of their owners over time as they get to know you.

Face to Face. Along the same lines, your pet knows when you are really paying attention. Just like with your kids, they know when you’re focusing on your phone, and not on them. Yeah, we went there.

Time After Time. Study after study proves that people do better when they spend time with pets. Therapy animals have had a lot of negative press, but the fact is that pets are a great benefit to mental health. Many of you have stories about how your dog or cat senses when you are anxious or sad, and responds to you in comforting ways.

I’ve Hungered for Your Touch. The Righteous Brothers were right. Stroking an animals’ fur has been shown to release oxytocin in the human brain. At the same time, petting your cat or your dog causes a feel good rise in the oxytocin in the pet, as well. No wonder you’re falling in love with your pet!

Something to Talk About. You know how you talk baby talk to your pet? Turns out that cats and dogs prefer higher pitched voices. Both dogs and cats learn to understand words. Dogs are known to have a larger vocabulary, although those enigmatic cats may understand a lot more than they let on.

When it comes to emotions, having a pet is truly a win win situation. They love you. You love them. Their love warms your heart, and your love is everything to them. On Valentine’s Day and always, U Ur Pet = Happy FURever!

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