One year ago this week, we unveiled this website. We’ve added a lot of great stuff over the past twelve months. In case you missed some of the articles, here are some of our favorites:

The Raw Facts. Lots of our patients are loving RAW, and are showing great benefits all around. Is your pet?!

Cody’s Big Dental Day. Dr. King’s great story about Cody’s trip to have his teeth cleaned, and what happened next… (It’s worth a re-read!)

Small is Good. For those of you who like smaller pets, here’s a great guide.

Ask the Vet. You asked. We answered. By the way, we love getting your questions. Ask your question here:

What Anal Glands and Thumb Drives Have in Common. We like this one for the weird title if nothing else. But if you have a dog, you need to give this one a read.

A First Aid Kit for Your Pet. Every home needs first aid kits – even for your pets.

Five Things that Fleas Like to Bite. Is Your Pet One of Them?. This was our first blog post – and it’s definitely time to read it again!

We’re always looking for input about our website. What features would you like to see? What articles would you like to read? What’s good – what’s not so good! Let us hear from you.

And here’s to many more years on the web with you and your pet!