Food has natural energetic properties that can help the body heal itself – naturally. Sometimes altering a pet’s food can make a marked difference in appearance, energy level, and general well being.

When your pet is not well, eliminating one food type or adding another sometimes produces dramatic improvements. Even with healthy pets, a change in diet can result in brighter eyes, healthier coats, lean muscle tone and increased energy and vitality.

As part of the integrative medicine service at Town N Country, our exams include a discussion about what your pet is eating. We may suggest some changes.

Specialty foods. We offer a full range of pet foods that are formulated specifically for certain conditions – various allergies, sensitive stomachs, kidney problems, joint pain, weight issues, and even dental problems.

RAW. One product that we often recommend is Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets. Ingredients are foods you recognize, not chemicals and fillers. The greatest draw for your pet is the meat and lots of it! Keep in mind that meat is what your pet craves and needs.

Home Cooked. If you’re interested in a home-cooked diet for your pet, we can discuss the best options for your family.

Changing your pet’s diet can drastically improve your pet’s immune system and can provide the solution to some of your pet’s health issues. Sometimes, a change in diet is all that is needed – no further treatment is required.
Contact us at Town N Country Animal Hospital, and let’s discuss what’s best for your pet.