happy new yearDoes the end of the year have you humming “Memories” a la Barbara Streisand? We’ve been sort of waxing nostalgic about the past year…and have realized it’s been a great one!
Here are some highlights to our year…

  • You scheduled nail trims for our glove drive to benefit Carolina Tiger Rescue.
  • We opened our new kennel building.
  • Town N Country Facebook likes exceeded 600!
  • Four children went to Camp Oak Hill, thanks to Town N Country sponsorship.
  • We donated boxes and boxes of cookies to the Homeless shelter.
  • Dr. King presented a seminar about dealing with pet loss at the Hospice home.
  • Dr. Bolynn taught about animal anatomy at Children’s House Montessori school.
  • You brought in a generous amount of food to benefit local food pantries during the Thanksgiving season.
  • You helped us exceed our goal for Toys for Tots, by bringing in gifts for children who were in need.

But most of all – the thing that made our year so special – is that we’ve seen your animals – the doggies and kitties, the lizards and birds. We’ve celebrated new pets, mourned the loss of beloved companions. We’ve helped lost dogs find their way home, and found homes for sweet little cats.
Through purring and hissing – yapping and growls – we’ve loved taking care of your pets. Thank you for being a part of 2013.
Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014 for you and yours!
Photo Credit: boeke via Compfight cc