After a long winter, Spring has started to spring. For you – and for your pet – the warm weather means a spring right into allergy season. Itching, scratching, bald spots, bumps, and recurrent ear infections are all symptoms of allergic reactions. If your pet is displaying any of these, it may be because of an allergy.

Pet allergies fall into three categories:

1. Fleas: It only takes a bite. Even though we’ve had a cold winter, fleas are still on the rampage already. If you’ve lapsed your preventatives during the winter, it’s time to start again. If you’re already seeing scratching, you may already have fleas. If you see red bumps and bald spots on your pet, especially around the neck, the base of the tail, groin, and stomach area, your pet may be displaying an allergic reaction to flea bites.

2. Food: Allergies a la carte. Lots of our furry friends have allergies to food. If we’ve ruled out flea allergies, then food is the next most likely culprit. Let us talk to you about what your pet is eating. Sometimes, a simple change in diet is all it takes. We may also need to do a food trial. Once we figure out what the allergen is, we’ll recommend a product like Instinct’s Limited Ingredient® or Purina HA® (Hypoallergenic).

3. Environment: An itchy situation. Just like humans, pets can be allergic to dust, mites, pollen, and grass. Believe it or not, once we tested a dog that was allergic to cats. We can do a blood test for environmental allergies.

Eliminating the cause, treating the symptoms. Antihistamines, steroids, antibiotics, and/or antifungals can help relieve the itching, scratching, and weeping eyes. Cytopoint® is a great source of relief for many chronically itchy pets. (Ask us about it!) Most allergens can’t be eliminated from the environment, they are ubiquitous, but they good news is that even though we can’t live in a bubble, desensitization therapy such as allergy drops or injections, or products like Cytopoint, can help us keep help our body ignore the allergens that are around us.

Spring season doesn’t have to be allergy season. If you suspect allergies in your pet, spring toward the phone or go to PetDesk and set up an appointment to get to the bottom of your pet’s symptoms.

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